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What are readers saying?

The Witches’ Sleep (Book One)

The Witches’ Sleep is an exceptionally well-paced story, a pleasure that I rarely experience as an avid reader.”

— Readers’ Favorite, 5-stars

“A remarkable, entertaining read and a useful political-awareness treatise for thinking teens.”

— Kirkus Reviews

“It was exciting and [the main character] was a great role model… One of my favorites that I read for sure.”

— Writer’s Digest

The Brand of Anem (Book One)

“I found the world-building fascinating and I’m excited to see the author develop on this in the next books.”

— Amazon Reviewer, 5-stars

“…the author has a great voice…”

— Amazon Reviewer, 4-stars

“Such imaginative story telling that you cannot help but want more.”

— Amazon Reviewer, 5-stars