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Book one in The Forgotten Countrymen series, Unravel, releases March 7th, 2023

Professional Endorsements

“The characters in this series are all well written and the plot develops beautifully in layers that are easy to digest. I love the religio-legal set-up, and the socio-political structure that reveals a much larger world and much greater forces at play.
The plot and world-building were obviously carefully thought out and very well executed.”

Xyvah M. Okoye, author of the Age of Anathema series

[Deann] has a genuine talent for weaving complex emotions and ideas into simple language and that is my JAM. Every character interaction is dripping with subtext of all the things they aren’t saying and I LOVE IT.

Usually, any book series that kicks off telling us that this is a world where extra-marital sex is illegal would focus on a woman being oppressed by this system while the man was the one in power, but NOPE. Deann flips the script and refreshingly shows us a scenario in which the inverse plays out. Like… FINALLY.
*is validated in feminist*

This wasn’t the only time Deann turned my expectations on their head. I was expecting a tropey forbidden love plot and I was fine with that, but nope. Again, the story gets more complicated and the plot gets much thicker than that.

*insert glorious laughter*

Highly recommend!”

— Elisabeth Wheatley, author of Daindreth’s Assassin series

I found the world building fascinating and I’m excited to see the author develop on this in the next books. There was the obvious air of mystery regarding the Owens family and their history, and what lies in store for Carson and Margaret. The cliffhanger of this book was devestating and if I don’t get the next installment soon, I’m gonna lose my mind. (Trying to remain professional but on the inside, I’m screaming and using lots of exclamation points. Take that however you’d like.)”

— Devyn P. Guerra, author of Easy and Home

The Witches’ Sleep is an exceptionally well-paced story, a pleasure that I rarely experience as an avid reader.”

— Readers’ Favorite, 5-stars

“A remarkable, entertaining read and a useful political-awareness treatise for thinking teens.”

— Kirkus Reviews

“It was exciting and [the main character] was a great role model… One of my favorites that I read for sure.”

— Writer’s Digest