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Unravel [EBOOK]

Unravel [EBOOK]

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"The brand of Anem is an ancient imprint marking the bodies of lovers—precious between married couples, illegal to have if unwedded."

After seventeen-year-old Carson Owens is arrested for breaking curfew, a brand is discovered on his shoulder, convicting him and his mysterious lover of sinful relations, and dooming them to be publicly flogged.

With his lover’s rank and reputation on the line, he will do everything in his power to keep her identity a secret. But as the Province of Deneb searches for the woman with his matching brand, ghastly secrets are unearthed, and Carson is forced to face truths that may turn his world upside down.

Set in a tyrannical dystopia, Carson Owens navigates the rocky terrain of forbidden love and irreparable heartbreak while searching for answers to questions about his family’s history, the secretive adults of their world, and the mysterious Ritual he will have to go through on his eighteenth birthday.

Suggested for mature readers due to mild language, violence, grief, sexual assault, a sense of betrayal, and fade-to-black intimacy.

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