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Shatter [PREORDER]

Shatter [PREORDER]

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Gina Blake is missing. While gossips say she ran away, Carson knows she would never—not on the night before their wedding.

As search parties scour the area, Carson wakes from an oddly realistic dream of Gina, an eight-point star scarring his wrist. Flogged recently for having a brand of Anem illegally—the sign of intimacy—Carson hides the symbol, questions about it eating away at him. But where can he turn for answers?

Miles out in the Glassy Sea, Gina awakes from the same dream with a matching scar. Her captors, aware what the mark means, must break her soul’s connection to Carson to keep their home a secret. Distressingly, the process of splitting two divinely merged souls could kill them.

Meanwhile, Margaret begins her apprenticeship under her mother in the Celestial Court. Thrust into this new political culture, she meets the top political leaders of their world, the Grand Elder and Grand Advisor. Margaret overhears their hopes for Carson and Gina’s vessels—using the Ritual to achieve their goal. Desperate to save her friends, she reluctantly makes a deal with Duke Gabriel Young: information on the Ritual in exchange for her hand in marriage.

Suggested for mature readers.

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