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The Brand of Anem (Book I)

A brand is a divine marking that results out of intimacy and is considered beautiful… unless you’re unwedded.

Margaret James is the Duchess of Deneb and the daughter of the highest political figure in their city: Judge Mark James. She is expected to follow the rules without fail and to never, ever falter to her flesh. She has been pledged to the chief officer, William Lach. But there is one problem with this arrangement…

Margaret James shares a brand with Carson Owens.

Carson belongs to the infamous Owens family and to the Middle Class, which means it’s impossible for him to marry the woman he loves. Despite the rules, the two of them bound themselves together as young teenagers, and now they will do everything in their power to hide the brand given to them by Anem, the goddess of souls. If caught, they will suffer dire consequences.

Getting caught is inevitable.

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Mere Mortals (Book II)

After being arrested, Carson Owens faces intense punishment by the Law. But the pain of flogging cannot compare to the pain he has unknowingly caused someone else. And knowing he was the reason for said pain only causes more confusion and drama.

In an attempt to keep the world from finding out Margaret’s sin with the Owens boy, Judge James keeps his daughter holed up at home. Things unexpectedly go sideways when more people find out their secret. Yet, despite her sinful ways, Margaret continues to be protected by the same multitude of hands that punished her lover.

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The Angel He Loved (Book III)

Sixteen-year-old Gina Blake has suffered enough in her father’s home and wants nothing more than to leave it behind. Her only chance of escape is to ask the province judge permission to marry. 

The judge agrees, but on the eve of her wedding, she is taken from her bed in the dead of night and dragged as a captive through the unforgiving waters of the Glassy Sea to an unknown destination. 

She prayed for an escape from her life. If only she had been more careful of what she prayed for.

Coming Fall 2020