Christmas/New Year Spectacular Giveaway!

What's this? Another giveaway?! Prizes include FANGED PRINCESS and FANGED OUTCAST by Elisabeth Wheatley, TOXIC by Vicki V. Lucas, and THE WITCHES' SLEEP by Kaitlyn Deann (me)! Click on the link below to enter the giveaway now!

“Kindness is your soul mate.”

Today has been a very awesome day for me, despite not having very much free time. Maybe it has a lot to do with the fact that it's Friday! FRIDAY, Y'ALL! After I finished my schoolwork for the day, I got on Facebook to check my notifications. Well, I had a message from a very …

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The Importance of Reviews

So... Here's the thing: I want to talk about reviews. So far, The Witches' Sleep has received 20 awesome reviews on Amazon! Some reviews are written by authors I love! I'm super duper dkla;noivoi thankful for these beautiful, beautiful reviews! But I noticed something recently. Reviews have kind of stopped. Some people message me personally now to tell …

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Fan Reviews “The Witches’ Sleep” on YouTube!

Hey guys! So today a guy tweeted me (you can follow him @cluelessbutdumb) saying he made a video review of my book! How awesomely kind is that?! I was like, "NO WAY, DUDE!" I watched it and was completely blown away by what he said. It made me tear up a little bitty bit. :') …

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