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The Thanks Box

A while back, I saw I post on Tumblr. It looked something like this:

That sparked an idea for me. I went to my family and told them, “What if we had a Thanks Box?”
They replied, “A Thanks Box? What is that?”
I said, “Our Thanks Box will be the box we put all our blessings and things we’re thankful for as they happen over the next year. When a whole year passes, we’ll take them out and read them all. Maybe we can even put them in a scrapbook or something.”
They thought that was a great idea. We went to Hobby Lobby and bought a decent white box with sky blue chevron pattern on the lid. Half a year hasn’t even passed and the box is already to the brim with colored papers. No one could deny the fact that my family is incredibly blessed if the box was opened and one considered that every single square paper has a blessing/thanksgiving written on it. But we didn’t realize until we started the Thanks Box just HOW INCREDIBLY blessed we were and are.
I highly recommend your family doing a Thanks Box. If not with your whole family, then have one of your own. Open it up when you feel you aren’t blessed. Those papers will remind you that you truly are, with each breath you take, blessed beyond measure.
Have a great week!

…for you were called for the very purpose that you might inherit a blessing. ~1 Peter 3:9