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Good morning, you beautiful people, you! Today I have something special for you guys! (I know, I know, last week was something special too! BUT I JUST LOVE HAVING GUESTS OVER, YOU KNOW?!) Maria Schneider will be joining us for a short interview. She has 2 series on sale starting TODAY (December 15th). Link at the bottom of post.
Without further ado….

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Fellow Writers: 15 Writing Prompt Images

As writers, sometimes our inspiration shrivels a bit. Sometimes we are just simply stuck and need somewhere to go. Writing prompts are a great way to get your brain juices flowing so you can move on in your writing or start a new project! My favorite type of writing prompts are simply pictures.

I love to get on Pinterest or Tumblr and search Fantasy or Science Fiction. Or even specific things like faeries, mermaids, and vampires. Sometimes, depending on the mood of my writing, I’ll search dark fantasy, which always promises at least a few interesting pictures that can inspire the next scene/project.

Here are 15 images that will hopefully force your brain to pump those creative juices!

Let the pictures do the talking.


The dark moon is rising  No silver left to see  The crone has awakened  Her power flows in me  The dark storm is coming  The rain pouring down  The thunder raises power  As lightening takes ground                          The dark Queen is walking  Her whispers call to me  Ancient wisdom flowing  Circling energies flow free   The dark night is waiting  Its lure a sweet bane  Stepped through my shadow  And I am forever changed. A. J. Mckinley


Writing Prompt: Where does this lead?


Writing Prompt: You found this creature in the forest. Now what will happen?



Writing Prompt: What will happen in this room?


Writing Prompt: What would your life be like if you lived here?

Writing Prompt: What are ten things you could do in this room?



sent my love to those who passed away -  Know that you're not forgotten... Know that there's always someone who cares...


“This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson


spirits of the forest. I think that there is actually spirits in the forest you just have to really look to see them!!!


can i tell you a secret?… i cannot fly but like you i long to live a wonderful life….. we are more alike then you know...


~ Orange Eye ~ Fantasy. Love her face makeup too


Contessa with Squid (extra large print) fantasy art octopus woman on Etsy, $85.00


Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the "Someone" incredible soon to become.


One with the tree..solice


Fellow Writers: Different Styles for Different Writers

It’s not a secret that everyone is different. We look around and find differences everywhere. Your next door neighbor doesn’t sweep the freshly mowed grass off his sidewalk like you do. The mailman is careless and always ends up putting someone else’s mail in your box while you always make sure everything is where it belongs.

We are all cut from different cloths. We come from different walks of life. Our personalities range widely between two extremes. No two people are alike.

Which obviously means no two writers are alike.

My last Fellow Writers blog post, I implied everyone should create Character Profiles for their characters. I even included what should be in said Profiles. The thing I forgot to mention is that not every writer can do this. They can try, but many writers find their character’s likes and dislikes, strengths and fears, love and hate while they write. I’ve done this before myself, but it was harder for me in the long run. Even now, after I have my characters figured out, they can be subject to change within the story, depending on if the story needs them to.

Character Profiles are flexible.

Also, when I’m writing, sometimes a new character will pop up. Yes, just pop up out of the blue. Sometimes they become important characters, sometimes they are very loveable but minor characters. I didn’t think of this character before I started writing, but he is making the story better.

I guess what I’m getting at is: It’s okay for characters to surprise you. Don’t worry about sticking firmly to all of your Profiles. Again I will say: They are subject to change; flexible.

Above everything, remember that as a writer, you write the way that works for you, not the way that works for me. What works for one doesn’t always work for another. We all have different styles and preferences.

This is what makes us artists. This is what makes us unique.

That is all I have to say this week for my Fellow Writers! Share and like this post, and subscribe to my blog! Thank you, you wonderful person, you!



Fellow Writers: The Thing about Backstories

When you are developing characters for your story you need to know them inside and out. What is their favorite color? What is their favorite food? Do they like video games? If not, why? What is their biggest fear—logical or not? What is their goal in life? What was their fondest childhood memory? Who are their parents? Were they nice and sweet, or were they mean and abusive?

Your characters—every last one of them—have backstories. Their backstories are going to determine their present and future actions and reactions. It’s extremely vital that you, the writer, know your characters well.

Now you’re thinking, “How am I supposed to remember all of that information? I have so many characters!”

Two words: Character Profiles.

Create character profiles, one for each individual character. In your character profiles, you should have a physical qualities section and a short backstory—AT LEAST. Take note, though, the more detailed your character profiles are, the more realistic your characters will be when you write them into your story.

And now you’re thinking, “But I already started my story. Does this mean I have to start all over?”

You will be surprised how helpful they can be while writing!

As a side note, there WILL be things about your characters that you will know that no one else will ever know. Why? Because you won’t NEED all of this information in your story. It’s good to know all of this information though, because believe it or not it affects your character’s decisions.

Here is a list of a few questions you can ask while creating your character profiles:
• What is their first, middle, and last name?
• Were they named after someone of importance?
• Where are they from?
• What is their favorite color? Why?
• What is their least favorite color? Why?
• What is their favorite time of the year? Least favorite?
• Do they prefer cold weather or hotter weather?
• Do they like long hair or short hair, light hair or dark hair (on others)?
• What is their best physical feature?
• What physical feature do they not like about themselves? (If not anything, you have a character I like a lot.)
• What are their qualities (not physical)? Good or bad? (Ex: Clumsy; awkward in crowds; quiet; pristine; loud; over-zealous).
• What are all of their physical features? (Eyes, hair, nose, face shape, height, weight, muscle tone, complexion, etc.)

Are there any questions you can think up to add to this list? Share them in comments!

I hope this helped some of you with the development of your characters and staying consistent. It’s extremely important to be consistent in a story. If there isn’t consistency, then the story is disappointing to the reader. It no longer feels like an escape to another world/life. It isn’t real, and readers want to feel like it can be real.

If you guys are interested in reading more of my writing tips, tell me what to write about. Or if you want to hear my opinion on something (keep in mind I might say no), ask me questions. And stay updated by subscribing to my blog!

Have a great day!

God Bless,


Fellow Writers: Nothing New Under the Sun

There is nothing new under the sun.

We’ve all heard that saying, and as writers we hate it. A lot. We want to write something new, fresh, inventive. We want to be original. We want to write something the world has never seen. Tell that story that’s never been told.

Or has it?

It is true that there really is nothing new under the sun. Nothing. We do something more incredible than creating something new (since that can’t be done). We, writers, take ideas and mold them together to create something relatively “new”. We take mythology and put a modern twist on it. We take the common murder with motive and make it a new story.

People don’t really change. We pretty much know every kind of person there is. Characters are simply nonexistent people (I hate saying that; it hurts) that we fall in love with. Mixing characters with amazing personalities and characteristics with a “fresh” storyline makes for a great read. But the truth is this: There is nothing new under the sun.

But there is another truth: We have the ability to take what is old and make it brand new, and sometimes more beautiful.

This is my opinion. Do my fellow writers agree? If not, please tell me why. Let’s discuss it!


What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. ~ Ecclesiastes 1:9