Hey everyone! So, first off, school is almost over! I can see the light at the end of this LONG, DARK, TREACHEROUS (yes, treacherous) tunnel. Just 7 more weeks before graduation day!


In other news, WORLD OF THE BEASTS has received a wonderful 4-star review from a Readers’ Favorite reviewer, Janelle Fila! In 2013, my debut novel won the Gold Medal in a Readers’ Favorite category as well as received a 5-star review.  I’m so excited to share this review with you guys. Hopefully, I’ll be entering WORLD OF THE BEASTS in Readers’ Favorite’s 2016 Awards Contest! But we shall see… 😉

“World of the Beasts by Kaitlyn Deann is a young adult science fiction sequel to the first book in this series, The Witches’ Sleep. Sea-Anna and Tuck are two were-tiger slaves that have been enslaved unto witches for the past twenty years. When they get sold without their master’s knowledge, the married couple is separated. Now on her own, Sea-Anna must overcome the struggles of slave life, including the difficult and stressful situations she is put into. Sea-Anna promises herself that she will stay strong to protect her secrets until the time she sees Tuck again. But what if the two are never reunited? This is a complicated science fiction world that takes us deep into the author’s vivid and bright imagination. Each planet that the characters visit is unique and has its own type of inhabitants. There are many different species within this story. There are unique names and spellings, new rules, beautiful new landscapes, climates and temperatures. Everything is fresh and original and none of the descriptions seemed canned or repeated. Just the amount of work that went into building these worlds should impress any science fiction reader. Readers will also appreciate the unique array of characters. I loved the interesting name choices. Sea-Anna grows into a wise and strong character that readers will relate to. Tuck stresses a great deal about his separation from Sea-Anna and their love is adequately described without seeming too overpowering.” ~ Reviewed By Janelle Fila for Readers’ Favorite

If you haven’t read it yet, please do and let me know what you thought about it by leaving a review on Amazon. And yes, it is available for the Kindle AND in paperback.


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I love you, guys. Talk soon!


From 2013’s Award Ceremony!

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Playlists for Books?

Are you one of those people that like to listen to music when you read? It’s always SO much better when the song totally goes along with the book. The feelings that envelope you when this happens… It’s unexplainable. Definitely awesome.

With that being said, I have put together a couple of playlists for you guys to listen to while reading The Witches’ Sleep and World of the Beasts! Or, just to listen to! It’s only a few songs, but I love these songs for the books.

You can find the playlists on my website under The Witches’ Sleep Trilogy tab. Click here to be taken straight to the page.

Have fun, and I hope you enjoy! Also, if you know any songs that remind you of my books, let me know what they are! I’m in need of some good music to listen to while working on Book Three. The weirder the song the better!


Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing… ~ James 5:13

Excerpt: Prologue of World of the Beasts

I put the prologue of WORLD OF THE BEASTS on CreateSpace a few weeks ago (click here to see it), but I thought I would post it on here for you guys to read! I hope you enjoy! If you like it, please share it!


Weathered Rock, the new Slave Trader, watches as Speaks Wise Words, the Leader of Raena, pinches his lips and narrows his eyes. He’s watching the television screen in Rock’s office like a cat watches a mouse. With his thumbnail, he scratches his cheek. Rock can tell by the look in Wise’s eyes that his anger must be much deeper than he realized.

On the screen is the famous Sunlight Reflecting off the Moon—Rebel Sunny, as she is commonly called now—and Wise’s very own son, her soul mate, Kindness in His Heart. Rebel Sunny and Prince Kindness.

Rock can’t tell if it’s the fact they’re soul mates and he can’t stop them from loving each other that he hates so much, or if it’s the fact that they’re at a Freedom’s Calling meeting now, where the cameras flock. Rock assumes that it’s the latter, since he knows Wise was blackmailed by Sunny into making Freedom’s Calling a legal organization. But that’s all Rock knows. He wonders what Rebel Sunny has on Wise to make him agree to do something he hates.

“I want you to do something,” Wise says darkly when the cameras focus on Sunlight’s pretty smile. Her scarlet hair falls in perfect curls around her face and down past her shoulders.

“What do you mean?” Rock asks Wise.

Wise tells the television to power off, and it obeys. Then he turns to the Slave Trader. “Do something to put her in her place. Something that will make her hurt.”

Rock’s eyes widen. “But sir, she’ll be your daughter-in-law in less than a week. She’ll be family.”

“She’ll never be part of my family!” he says so harshly that Rock startles. “She blackmailed me! Are you going to let someone like that get away with something as wretched as blackmailing your Leader?”

Rock blinks several times, trying to recover from the shock of Wise’s temper and from what he’s asking him to do. He understands why he should avenge Wise, since Sunny blackmailed him, but a part of him feels that he shouldn’t. What other choice does Rock have?

“What do you suggest?” Rock finally asks.

“Figure something out,” Wise says. “But don’t tell me. She’s a Matured Silver now. She’ll read me easily. Which also means you need to keep away from all Silvers and practiced Browns.” He pauses for a moment and taps his chin with a black pen he took from Rock’s desk. “Have you ever heard of the outlaw called the Man in Black?”

Rock nods once. “Of course I have. Why?”

“Contact him. Offer him a bountiful reward for his service to me.”

Rock’s eyebrows furrow together. “Contact him? How, sir? He’s a fugitive. I have no idea how to get in touch with him.”

Wise reaches in the front pocket of his beige suit. He pulls out a small notepad and flips it open. Taking Rock’s pen, he jots down a few numbers and letters on the paper, rips it out, and hands it to Rock.

“You can find him here.”

Puzzled, Rock glances at the paper. It’s an address in Territory Three. How would Wise know this? And why has he never turned the information in to the authorities? The Man in Black is wanted all over Raena for the disappearances of multiple slaves as well as select witches, whose bodies have never been found. Rock knows this because he studied this particular case a while back. The Man in Black always took witch girls that were shorter than five foot three inches, and they all had the darkest auburn hair witches can possibly have. Hair like Wise and Kindness. But the slaves he abducted never had anything in common. The only similarity he could possibly find was they had complained to Peace Officers of being abused, but they were ignored. Some were-creatures the Man in Black had even saved from the gallows, but then they disappeared, leaving no traces.

“Rock,” Wise says darkly, catching his attention. “The Man in Black has special connections. Find him. He will aid you if you tell him I sent you.”

Rock blinks several times, still in shock. Wise is in contact with an outlaw? Rock can’t believe what’s going on in his own office. Wise not only is in contact with the Man in Black, but he also wants Rock to work with him—to aid him in this job of hurting Sunlight.

“Sir,” he begins to argue, but the look on Wise’s face makes him change his line of thought. Instead, he stammers, “Will he not want something in return?” Wise grins slightly. He reaches in his coat pocket, pulls out an envelope and hands it to Rock. “What is it?” Rock asks.

“A generous check. Give it to the Man in Black for payment.” He starts to leave, but he pauses just before he makes it completely out the door. He says over his shoulder, his voice darker than Rock has ever heard it, “Do you know what awaits you if you shall fail, Slave Trader?”

Rock looks around his office once, unsure what to say. He’s still in shock. He’s positive that what Wise wants him to do is illegal. When he looks back at Wise, he sees that he’s pulled out a clear vile with dark blue grainy sand sealed inside. He tosses it at the Slave Trader and then leaves, not saying another word.

Rock examines the vile for only a few seconds before realizing what it is.

Tanzanite. The only element in the known universe that’s poisonous to witches, that can kill them. It’s what all the weapons are made of on Raena. Bullets, knifes, arrowheads. Rock knows this very well from being Head Peace Officer for over twenty-five years before his recent promotion.

He turns back to the television, rolling the cylinder vile between his fingers and thumb. He watches Sunny embrace her proclaimed best friend Sea-Anna, who is a weretiger slave, and then Tuck, the other weretiger standing by Sea-Anna. He’s Sea-Anna’s husband, according to the media. Kindness had imported a deer for them to hunt together: a tiger’s wedding ceremony. This has shown Raena that Kindness and Sunny care about them deeply.

The vile heats up the more Rock rolls it in his hand. He inhales deeply and exhales, holding the vile up to examine the contents more carefully.

If he doesn’t do enough, if he doesn’t satisfy Wise’s desire to hurt the future Princess, he’ll die; Wise made that painstakingly obvious. If he goes too far, he’ll be haunted for the rest of his life, a guilty conscience following closely behind him forever.

He could not risk being careless.

Coming Soon

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What’s Up: Prologue of WORLD OF THE BEASTS Preview

I hope everyone is enjoying the new year! Yay! 2014!!! 🎉🎉

Something I noticed that I do a lot is start sentences and posts with the word “so”. So, I’m going to work on that.

Onto the main point:
The prologue for WORLD OF THE BEASTS is now available for readers to devour. You can read it on CreateSpace’s Preview section. (Click here to be taken to the page).
Under the text box where the prologue can be read, there are a few questions readers can answer if they’d like that.

I’d like that…

Your star rating and feedback is taken seriously. I think highly of my readers’ and future possible readers’ opinions. Tell me what you think about the prologue. Please.

So. Thanks in advance. I hope you love it, and have a great Sunday. May God bless you!


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Ask Kaitlyn: Why is it taking so long?


I’ve received this question several times within the last few months. So, I thought I would just answer it on here!

Question: “It took you 6 months to write and publish THE WITCHES’ SLEEP. Why has it taken you 15+ months to write WORLD OF THE BEASTS?”

Well, Dearest Reader, you see, it is hard to write a book that parallels human trafficking without being explicit yet encompassing the intensity and seriousness of it. It’s a bit (okay, a lot) more difficult to write than the first book. TWS (Book One) didn’t deal with sensitive material. WOTB (Book Two) deals with extremely sensitive material that people need to be aware of. It will be a good book when I finish it, but right now I’m trying to find balance. It’s really, really hard when working with the material I’ve chosen.

There is another reason, though.

I want WORLD OF THE BEASTS to be the best it can be. Therefore, it will be going through an editing process. Already it’s been through several of my proofreaders, and I’ve read through it twice myself, cover to cover. So far, the major things I need to do is write new parts into the book. There are only a few. But, I also need to expand on certain aspects of the book as well as a couple of characters. After I get ALL THAT worked out, I will have an actual editor look over the book. That in itself may take a few months. If the editor finds any major issues, it could be even longer.

But the reason it has taken me a year to simply write the book is because of the sensitive material. It is a real struggle to find a balance with this topic. Though I’m not writing a realistic fiction novel, my fantasy novel will PARALLEL human trafficking as best as I can without making any of my readers uncomfortable but at the same time making the awareness of this greater.

Human trafficking is real. And whether it is shown through a fantasy world or not, it’s still real. My goal is to show this.

I hope this answers your question! If you have any others, just let me know! You can leave a comment, tweet me (@kaitlyn_deann) or message me on Facebook!

Have a merry Christmas and happy New Year!


Excerpt: This is what Wise wants

Here is an excerpt from WORLD OF THE BEASTS in Sunny’s perspective! 😀 Excerpt2

And don’t miss the giveaway going on right now! Go check out the awesome prizes and enter! It’s super easy!

Giveaway Winners and Tough Issues

Giveaway Winners
This last month’s Goodreads Giveaway is now CLOSED! Congratulations to Melissa, Danielle, Casey, Megon, and Guadalupe! Out of nearly 2,000 entries, you 5 are the lucky winners!

This giveaway was my very last giveaway of the year. I am terribly sorry to everyone who wanted to enter and didn’t get a chance. There will be more giveaways in the future, so don’t worry!

Onto Tougher Issues
This is hard to talk about with you guys. The only reason is, because I love you all so very much, and your support is phenomenal. I want to give you what you want. And apparently right now that’s another book.

So here’s the problem.

The release of WORLD OF THE BEASTS is postponed (again) for a few more months because of some difficulties with editing as well as publishing. It’s possible that this book will not be self-published (I can not and will not say anything more about this part of the topic, so please do not inquire). This means you guys are going to have to be patient with me.

Don’t worry, faithful reader. This too shall pass.

Also, it’s important that you know I am not setting a release date yet. Not until things become clearer. When I know for sure what I’m going to do, and when the book is almost ready, I will give a release date. But please be prepared for a summer or fall release. It’s very, very probable it won’t be sooner. I know it’s crazy that I’ve spent so long on this book, but this is important, and I’m trying to make the best decisions I possibly can. So, smile?

Okay. Close enough…

Winner of the OTHER Giveaway
Most of you probably didn’t know, but I in fact DID have another giveaway going on while the first one was. What did you have to do? Share the first giveaway and let me know. Simple, really. Several of you did, which I am very happy about! Thank you!

Without further ado, the winner of the Share My Giveaway Giveaway (yes I did just make that up; aren’t I clever?) is Sophie Petford! WHOOP, WHOOP! What did she win? She won the VERY FIRST CRISP COPY of… Wait for it…


That’s right! The very first copy of the completed Book Two in The Witches’ Sleep Trilogy is all Sophie’s! Eep! I don’t know about you, but every day I get more and more excited about WORLD OF THE BEASTS release!

In the Meantime and Between Time
While I finish up the final edits of WORLD OF THE BEASTS, and especially when my editor extensively and, at times, grotesquely fixes my mistakes, maybe–MAYBE–I will give you guys some Witches’ Sleep short stories.

I’ll be posting more really soon!