Giveaway Winners and Tough Issues

Giveaway Winners This last month’s Goodreads Giveaway is now CLOSED! Congratulations to Melissa, Danielle, Casey, Megon, and Guadalupe! Out of nearly 2,000 entries, you 5 are the lucky winners! This giveaway was my very last giveaway of the year. I am terribly sorry to everyone who wanted to enter and didn’t get a chance. There [...]

Confessions: Originally in The Witches’ Sleep

So, here's the thing... Now, listen up. When I say this, you CANNOT throw large objects at my head in an attempt to harm me. Originally, in The Witches' Sleep, first installment in The Witches' Sleep Trilogy, Kindness in His Heart and Sea-Anna.... didn't exist. Hear me out, okay?! When I first was planning the [...]