Book Review: Fanged Kindred (Fanged Series #3)

FANGED KINDRED was just released yesterday for the Kindle! AH! It’s the third novella in the Fanged Series. I had the honor of proofreading this novella for Elisabeth, and I’m just so excited it’s published for you guys now too! *insert eighty heart-eye emojis here*



Also, isn’t this cover just spectacular? 5/5 stars for the cover alone!


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Featured Book: Fanged by Elisabeth Wheatley

In the spirit of the soon-to-be released novella #3 FANGED KINDRED in the Fanged Novella Series, I am featuring Elisabeth Wheatley’s FANGED (#1) book! Below is the new cover and I am absolutely in LOVE with it!


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REVIEW: Beware That Girl by Teresa Toten


Creepy. Paranoia-inducing. Thrilling.

“Beware That Girl” is more than a thriller, in so many ways. I was drawn in by the plot, by the troubled characters, by the dialogue. Teresa Toten excels on the writing front. She has brought to life a story that hooks you, hooks you deep in your guts. Continue reading →

Featured Book: Toxic by Vicki V. Lucas

This week’s Featured Book is TOXIC by Vicki V. Lucas.


I read Toxic a couple of years ago, and I loved it! Here is my review from then:

While reading Toxic, I found it to be very captivating. I couldn’t put it down. I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning just to finish it. I kept telling myself “One more chapter. Just one more.” But I lied to myself; it was never just one more. And even when I was finished, I just sat there thinking about it, wanting to start on the sequel. Toxic is genius. The message is clear, and you won’t be able to forget it. It’s a must read for anyone who loves adventure and creativity. (I know it sounds cliché, but it’s true). I absolutely love the world Vicki V. Lucas creates, and her characters are very human, dealing with their own personal conflicts. Lucas is creative and funny. I can’t tell you how many times I caught myself smiling and laughing, and some parts even made me want to cry. And I’m not really a crier, so that fact absolutely amazes me and shows to me how great the book truly is. Again I say, a must read for anyone!

What is the book about? Check it out:

Despite global annihilation from toxic water and incurable disease killing countless people in Eltiria, Kai can only think about how to get more money. But Kai needs money to save his sister. There’s no way he’s going to watch another sister die. But when he seizes his chance to make enough money to pay for healers, his plans are torn to shreds, and he finds himself battling monsters as he is chased farther away from his family. Lizzy travels to a nearby city for safety, only to watch her older brother dragged away from her by strange creatures. Running for her life, she must find a way to reunite her family as she is thrown into choices that lead her further away from what she wants. Taryn knows it is his destiny to save the world through magic and is on his way to begin his journey to greatness. But then his beliefs are challenged as he is thrown off the path he has chosen for himself and into a life he never desired. Guided by a mysterious winged horse named Eladar, they discover that the world is not what they thought and everything they believed was wrong. Can they locate the source of the poison and find their faith as they battle to find the truth in a world of chaos and destruction?

If you’re into Ted Dekker, this is definitely the book for you. You can find it on Amazon in Paperback or for the Kindle! Just click on the highlighted titles! Or, if those aren’t working for you, here are the links to copy and paste:



The paperback version is $14.39 and the Kindle version is only $1.99! If you’ve read this book before, perhaps you would be interested in the sequel RANCID that Lucas released recently! I’m working on reading that one now.




Book Review: Victor: The Reloaded Edition by Tony Ross

It’s another review, y’all!

Mona’s revolutionary discovery has been twisted by her former employer, who now threatens to unleash Hell on Earth. She flees with critical information in a desperate bid to stop him. Her only ally is an unusual detective pulled into a situation far beyond his ability to handle. Her only hope lies in unlocking the mind of the assassin pursuing her.  Morality, science and the supernatural collide in this explosive thriller from Tony Ross.

What I loved the most about Tony Ross’ novel VICTOR was how he got into the heads of each character, good and bad, and could well depict what made that character stand out from the rest. It’s a violent book at parts, but not too gory. There’s a hint of romance, but not too much that you’re bored with the book (oh, that just happens to me? ‘Kay then).

The plot was great! There weren’t any boring parts (I despise boring scenes), and the intensity that Ross depicted throughout the book was wonderful and exciting. Sunlight City, where ALMOST everything is legal, is so well described that it could be real. I could see it, I could smell it, I could feel it. Beautiful job on Ross’ part.

Victor is an assassin who I suspected in the beginning of the book had his memories tampered with when he couldn’t remember some connection he had with Mona. Because it was obvious that him and Mona had a connection of sorts, or at least did until he could no longer recall. He’s trained in many martial arts, knows how to kill with every weapon known to man, and has enough knowledge for several college degrees. The reader is left with questions: How does Victor know so much? I assumed his memories (or maybe feelings) had been tampered with, but does that mean he could be GIVEN new memories or skills? Those were my first questions about Victor.

Mona is smart. Really smart. And now Josef Hirigawa, a Granter and the most powerful man in Sunlight City, wants her dead. Why? She made a breakthrough in her work and kept it from him. It was something that could change the world forever. Something Mona believed could destroy the world, destroy the soul. I applauded her gall from the beginning of the book when I didn’t even know what she was hiding to run away from the most powerful man in her world. She had to try even if she knew she wouldn’t get far. It’s the point that she chose to try to do the right thing.

David is a detective with a witty personality and sly smile. I found his take on life different than the others in Sunlight City, which was beautiful to me, being a Christian in the world he was living. I can’t imagine how hard it would have been for David to follow God and be surrounded by a city like Sunlight City. I noticed David was an extremist. At one time in his life he would’ve been considered a serial killer. He left that all behind and changed his life. But, when it came time to need to do something to save his life and Mona’s, all he could think was, “I’m going to have to kill again.” And he didn’t want to. Admirable. But, that definitely would not have been crossing my mind. Maybe it was the way I was raised. I don’t know, but I do know that if I was against a well-trained assassin and had ANY opportunity to absolutely KILL THEM before they could hurt me or someone I loved, they would be dead. I would take the shot. I wouldn’t go crazy and chop them up into pieces, but I would make sure my loved one and myself were safe. There would be no hesitation on my part. There was on David’s. It made me start talking to him (you know you do that, too). “Just kill him, David!” I said. “Kill him or he’s going to kill you! YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE YOUR MOMENT!”

Honestly, I think if a book can make me talk to it, the author did a marvelous job.

Well-written and enticing. Most definitely a page turner.

Five out of five stars for this Christian thriller! ★★★★★

Tony’s Links:
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Have a good one!


For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul? ~Mark 8:36

Book Review: The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

Well! It looks like this is my first book review of 2014! Rest assured, it’s a good one!

I’ve always loved Maggie Stiefvater’s books. She’s one of my favorite authors, hands down. I love the twists and turns. I love the folklore she weaves in her books. I love her style.

And I’m going to have to say THE RAVEN BOYS was definitely my favorite of her books so far. (I’m going to read the sequel soon, so we’ll see if it gets better or not).

In THE RAVEN BOYS, the reader follows the life of Blue Sergent, a psychic’s daughter that isn’t psychic. But, she is powerful, just in her own way. She makes things “louder” for psychics or anything magical. She’s awkward and really weird. Even her psychic mom thinks she’s weird. At least that was what I caught from Maura (the mom).

There’s something else about Blue that is powerful and very dangerous.

Her mother, and other psychic family members, have all told Blue that if she was to kiss her true love, he would die. Blue pledges to never kiss anybody. Ever. At all. And this plan goes well for Blue. That is, until she meets them.

Blue never liked Raven Boys. Raven Boys were rich and snobby and went to Aglionby Academy, which is where they get their name “Raven Boys” because of the school’s emblem: a raven.

Blue notes the four Raven Boys she met aren’t like most snobby Raven Boys. They are different–like her.

Adam isn’t rich, and he works really hard to go to Aglionby to get a good education. He’s the one that Blue first opens up to, because she realized he’s not what she thought a Raven Boy was, and she liked him. He was nice to her.

Ronan wasn’t nice, but Ronan wasn’t nice to anyone. His parents were dead and his older brother Declan was a bully. Blue realized that all he had were his three Raven Boy friends. They were the only ones that tolerated him, that cared.

Noah was stranger than all of them, even Blue. He was quiet and pristine. Not much bothered him, and it almost felt like something was wrong with him. Like, really wrong with him.

Gansey was the leader. He cared deeply about Adam and Ronan and Noah. They were all weird, and he loved them for that. Maybe because he, too, was weird. No one could understand why he was so obsessed with finding Glendower’s body (an ancient Welsh king) hidden on the Henrietta ley line. He needed to find Glendower. No one, not even his friends, could really understand that. But his friends tried to understand, and they helped him in his quest.

Blue was one of the rare people that they met that understood and accepted their weirdness. Especially Adam and Gansey. Though Noah and eventually Ronan grow to like her in time. Noah, in fact, preferred her to be around more than nearly anybody else. (Read the book to find out why; I will not give that information away.)

Blue and “her” Raven Boys search for the ley line together. When someone, a bad someone, seems to be searching for the ley line as well, trying to awaken it with a sacrifice, Blue and the Raven Boys have to act quickly.

I can’t express how much I loved this book. The characters were freaky and beautiful, and sometimes I related and realized how freaky and beautiful I am, too.

THE RAVEN BOYS is lovely, marvelous, and enticing.

Five out of five stars! ★★★★★

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Book Review: Delirium by Lauren Oliver


I found Delirium several months ago while skimming through the bookshelves at Barnes & Noble. The idea fascinated me instantly. Here is what the back of the book says:

They say that the cure for love will make me happy and safe forever. And I’ve always believed them. Until now. Now everything has changed. Now, I’d rather be infected with love for the tiniest sliver of a second than live a hundred years smothered by a lie.

The book starts out with Lena, the main character, anticipating the procedure. The procedure that will cure her of amor deliria nervosa, also known as “love.” Love is looked down upon in the society Lena was raised in. It’s a disease, a sickness, a very bad thing to feel. And Lena, being the good child she is, can’t wait until she is a cured one. Then she will be happy.

Or so she thought.

A few months before her scheduled procedure, Lena’s best friend Hana starts to act weird. Lena fears for Hana’s safety, thinking maybe she’s got amor deliria nervosa. In an attempt to help Hana, Lena ends up finding herself in the middle of an illegal party. Music and mingling of boys and girls and dancing (big no-no’s). At this very much illegal party, Lena runs into a cured one, a man named Alex. But wait. He’s cured. He shouldn’t be at the party. Is he a Sympathizer? Did the cure not work on him and he hasn’t told anyone?

Alex takes an interest in Lena, and at first Lena pushes him away, afraid she’s going to get sick with the disease. And then, she agrees, little by little, to meet with him here and there. Weeks before her procedure, Lena realizes she does have the disease. She knows one of the symptoms is not caring about having it, is wanting love more than wanting to live, but she doesn’t say anything to anyone. She hides her symptoms very well.

But then, Lena is caught with Alex. Alex is able to get away, and the ones who caught them didn’t get a good look at him to describe him. But they knew he had to be a boy. And they knew that both of them had the disease. What will happen to Lena now? Will Alex risk everything to save her? How will they ever get out of this bind?

The Plot:
The book was evenly-paced and flowed well. There were never really any dull moments, and there was always a question nagging at the back of my mind that needed to be answered. Even when finishing the book, I still had a bunch of questions. Though, I have to admit, I’m not too fond of endings like this one. It wasn’t a bad ending, don’t get me wrong! It was just not what I was expecting.

The Characters:
Lena starts out as a good little girl. Never breaks the law. Always says yes ma’am. Never glares. It was almost annoying. I was so glad when she was infected by love and became a little stronger, grew a backbone, so to speak, and no longer cared what happened to her. As long as she had love, she didn’t care if she died or went to prison.

Alex was a charming character, and I kind of fell in love with him. Though his character wasn’t as well-rounded as some others, which was a bit disappointing because he was driving factor in the story, the reason Lena changed her mind about the procedure.

Hana, on the other hand, was probably the character that stood out the most in the book. She was headstrong, independent, caring yet strict, beautiful yet not boastful. I loved the fact that she helped Lena keep Alex a secret, and she proved over and over again that she was a true friend, one Lena could never replace.

All in all, I give Delirium by Lauren Oliver a solid five stars. I don’t like romance novels, but I have to say, this was a captivating and beautiful love story.