Cover Reveal: The Windward King by K. T. Ivanrest

I’m so excited to be apart of K. T. Ivanrest’s cover reveal for THE WINDWARD KING! I had the honor of reading the first few chapters as a beta reader awhile back. I can’t wait to delve into THE WINDWARD KING once released on October 29th!

Check out the short description below before getting to the good stuff!

Forced to take the place of an abducted prince, a timid shapeshifter must hunt down the kidnapper amidst mounting political tension and the threat of war, all while relying on the one person he knows he can’t trust: himself.

Sound like something you’d like?! Me too! Let’s read the back-of-book blurb for more juicy info:

He can change how he looks—but not who he is.

All his life, Shara has struggled to keep up with the rest of his shapeshifter clan. A poor shifter with little talent and even less confidence, he excels only at inadequacy.

When his determination to prove himself results in the brutal injury of a clanmate, Shara flees his home in shame. Taking refuge in the human capital city, he resolves to become as inconsequential as possible—until the prince regent is abducted days before his coronation and Shara is forced to take his place.

Thrust into a world of controlling advisors, scheming pirates, and calculating dignitaries, Shara fumbles through his royal duties. His next mistake could spell disaster for the entire kingdom, but he may also be the only person capable of seeing beyond old prejudices to the truth of the prince’s disappearance.

But if he’s going to stop a war, find the prince, and return to his life of invisibility, he’ll have to rely on the one person he knows for sure he can’t trust—himself.

Oh, man, do I want this book!

But what about the cover?!?!?!

Okay, okay, I hear you! Let’s finally check it out….












How AWESOME is this cover?! Check out that detail!

I love the reflection of Shara in the water, hinting at something. Perhaps his true self? His roots? That he is two sides of the same coin? Hmm…

The cover artist has done a great job at capturing my interest and making me wonder more about the story inside.

The book releases October 29th. You can pre-order THE WINDWARD KING today for a special preorder-only price of $1.99! Click the following link:

If you are interested in recieving an ARC from the author, check out Ivanrest’s ARC signup form below. Submissions close September 29th.

Here’s some flash-information on THE WINDWARD KING before we conclude this post


  • genre: clean NA/adult fantasy
  • romance: none
  • swearing: mild made-up fantasy swears
  • violence: PG-13 fantasy violence, including gunfire and some blood
  • magic: shapeshifting plus some subtle air- and waterbending

Come for the story, stay for the . . .

  • tree-dragons
  • shapeshifters thinking humans are weird, repeatedly
  • made-up fantasy desserts
  • guy friendships
  • squirrel-dragons
  • sibling angst
  • lynxes (okay, that’s just Shara hiding from the world)


K.T. Ivanrest wanted to be a cat or a horse when she grew up, but after failing to metamorphose into either, she began writing stories about them instead. Soon the horses became unicorns and the cats sprouted wings, and once the dragons and their riders arrived, there was no turning back. When not writing, she can be found sewing, editing, and drinking decaf coffee. She has a PhD in Classical Studies, which will come in handy when aliens finally make contact and it turns out they speak Latin.

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