Pre-order Available for Heart of Gold!

The night following Gina’s disappearance, Carson awakes from a vivid dream to find a mark on his wrist. The mark curiously resembles a brand, yet it is nothing like the usual extravagantly beautiful brands of Anem. What is this simple eight-point star divinely etched into his skin?

Hundreds of miles away, Gina awakes from the same dream with the same mark. Revelations about it are made when she is allowed to visit William. He also sheds light on hidden truths regarding the Matures of their world, rendering  her perspective forever changed. 

As advised by William, Gina’s kept her Dream Brand with Carson a secret from her captors. Regardless, the kevanni of Dalketh learns about the connection the two teens share. She labels it a threat to the Kingdom of Soutas and sends Gina to an old soothsayer in an attempt to sever the connection. To do so would require the destruction of their shared dreamscape. But the price for shattering a connection created by the heavens may be too great for either of them to bear.

Heart of Gold is the fourth installment in The Forgotten Countrymen novella series.

You can pre-order your copy of HEART OF GOLD today! It will be automatically delivered to your Kindle device or app on December 10th! Click this link:

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