UNRAVEL: The Forgotten Countrymen 3-Book Print Edition

We’ve made some progress on my 2021 project! I have given it an official title and finalized the back-of-book blurb.

By February 1st, 2021 (happy birthday to me! yes, that’s my birthday 🙂 ), UNRAVEL will be available to purchase on Amazon. It will be the only print edition of The Forgotten Countrymen novellas that are currently available (Books 1-3).

(Books 1-3 are available for the Kindle! Each novella is only $0.99! Click here.)

I am not releasing individual print editions of each novella like I originally intended. Each novella will be available SEPARATELY for eBook readers and COMBINED in a print collection for those of you who love holding a print copy! ❤ Down the line, after the next three books in the series are released, I will do another print collection.

Currently, I am waiting on the cover art and interior formatting. As soon as I get the cover, I will share it over here as well as on my social media. I should have it by this time next week! So keep an eye out 😉

Here is the finalized book blurb:

Set in a tyrannical dystopia, follow Carson Owens as he navigates the rocky terrain of forbidden love, irreparable heartbreak, and ghastly secrets that could turn the world upside down.

The brand of Anem is an ancient imprint that marks the bodies of lovers. Carson Owens shares a brand with no other than the duchess, Margaret James. With her rank and reputation on the line, they will do everything in their power to hide the brand that binds their souls.

Things unexpectedly go sideways when Carson is arrested and the brand discovered. Unknowingly, he has hurt and embarrassed an old flame, Gina Blake, with the discovery of his sin. Suffering more than enough grief in her short life, Gina wants nothing more than to leave behind her past life and prays desperately for an escape. 

Amidst the fumbles of his love life, questions emerge about Carson’s family as well as about the adults of their world—those who’ve been through the mysterious Ritual on their eighteenth birthday, the ones they call Matures. More may be revealed than anyone is prepared to handle.

***EDIT: I realized right after I clicked the publish button that I completely missed my opportunity to wish everyone a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Whoops!

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