“The Angel He Loved” is finally available + life update

So, I know I’m late announcing this over here on the blog. But honestly, no one should be surprised at this point. We all know I am not a reliable blogger. We just all need to accept this, okay?

In addition to THE ANGEL HE LOVED releasing on the 6th (yay!), I am 15 weeks pregnant with my second child, so I’m working on getting HEART OF GOLD (Book 4) written before April 2021. At least the rough draft. BUT!! I won’t be releasing it until 2022*.

In the meantime, I will be releasing a print collection of Books 1-3 of this series. This is for my readers who love physical copies over ebooks. It won’t be published until February/March 2021.

I also wanted to let you guys know that THE BRAND OF ANEM (Book 1) and MERE MORTALS (Book 2) have been officially updated on KDP. The second editions for these books are LIVE and ready for consumption. A few more things changed in book one than I originally anticipated (mainly in the first chapter), so I had to label it a second edition. But those are done done. I will probably never touch them again.

*For those wondering why the 2022 release date for HEART OF GOLD, perhaps you aren’t a parent yet… Or perhaps your experience with a newborn was different than mine with my first child. I am assuming my second birth will leave me perpetually exhausted for the following 6 months after delivery. I literally didn’t do ANYTHING besides care for my baby. Considering I pick writing back up around the 6-month postpartum mark, I will still need to revise and edit my manuscript, and then I will be sending it to my editor. I want it to be the best it can be before releasing it for your consumption. I hope y’all understand and stick with me through all of this. ❤


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