PREORDER: The Angel He Loved

Despite 98.2746538% of my time being consumed by new motherhood responsibilities, I was able to write the third book in The Forgotten Countrymen novella series.

Currently, it is with my beta readers. I’ve set the release date for November 6th. You can preorder it for 99¢ now! Click here. Or copy and paste this URL in your browser:

I am very excited to share the third installment of this series with my readers! But that’s not all…

The entire series is getting an overhaul Spring 2021. I’m talking new covers for all 3 available novellas and updated material for books 1 and 2 (book 3 will only receive a new cover). Book two, MERE MORTALS, will be labeled a second edition due to the last chapter receiving significant changes.

(If you have read MERE MORTALS and would like the new last chapter to read before diving into Book 3, I have uploaded a PDF of the updated content in this post for you to download. I highly recommend doing this prior to jumping into THE ANGEL HE LOVED.)

Please note, if you have downloaded MERE MORTALS after May 26th, your copy has the updated chapter. I will be releasing an even NEWER version in the Spring, but don’t worry about that. The most important thing is the significant changes are available now to read.

Other than small updates to the documents, the story through all the books will remain the same (with the exception of the last chapter of book 2, lol sorry y’all).

Much love,
Kaitlyn Deann

Haven’t read my Forgotten Countrymen series? Start reading THE BRAND OF ANEM today! It is available for only 99¢ on Amazon.

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