Mere Mortals: Now Available for Kindle

It’s June 22nd, and that means MERE MORTALS is now available for you to dig into! If you pre-ordered it, it will be delivered to your Kindle ASAP! If you didn’t pre-order, that’s okay too! You can purchase it through this link and will instantly receive it on your Kindle device or app!

Q: “Kaitlyn, I want a paperback. When is the paperback coming out?”

Sorry, lovely, but currently MERE MORTALS will only be available for Kindle. I am unsure if it will ever be available in paperback, but hey! Never say never! (Just don’t hold your breath!)

After being arrested, Carson Owens faces intense punishment by the Law. But the pain of flogging cannot compare to the pain he has unknowingly caused someone else. And knowing he was the reason for said pain only causes more confusion and drama.

In an attempt to keep the world from finding out Margaret’s sin with the Owens boy, Judge James keeps his daughter holed up at home. Things unexpectedly go sideways when more people find out their secret. Yet, despite her sinful ways, Margaret continues to be protected by the same multitude of hands that punished her lover.

MERE MORTALS is the second novella in my new series, The Chronicles of the Forgotten Countrymen! Click the following link to go get it!

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