{NEW SERIES} Announcing The Brand of Anem!

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The Brand of Anem, Book One in my BRAND NEW novella series, The Chronicles of the Forgotten Countrymen is going to be released THIS YEAR!


I am so excited about this! Can you tell? HMM?! CAN YOU?!
So when, you may be wondering, will this novella be coming out?
The answer: December 16th! For sure it will be available for the Kindle. I’m working on getting pre-order setup, but that probably won’t come about until the middle/end of this month. (It’s my first time setting up a pre-order, so be patient with me, my loves! 😊 )
In the meantime, below is the AMAZING COVER! And below that is the book blurb. 💕 Check it out, check it out!
(P. S. Before reading the blurb, keep in mind that the age range for this book series will be older than my previous books. The recommended age range is high schoolers. I think that’s 14 and up…? Someone fact-check me. LOL. 😂 If it were a movie, it’d be PG-13….. so maybe 13 and older? “PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED” IS WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY. ‘KAY THANKS. ENJOY.)



A brand is a divine marking that results out of intimacy and is considered beautiful… unless you’re unwedded.
Margaret James is the Duchess of Deneb and the daughter of the highest political figure in their city: Judge Mark James. She is expected to follow the rules without fail and to never, ever falter to her flesh. She has been pledged to the chief officer, William Lach. But there is one problem with this arrangement…
Margaret James shares a brand with Carson Owens.
Carson belongs to the infamous Owens family and to the Middle Class, which means it’s impossible for him to marry the woman he loves. Despite the rules, the two of them bound themselves together as young teenagers, and now they will do everything in their power to hide the brand given to them by Anem, the goddess of souls. If caught, they will suffer dire consequences.
Getting caught is inevitable.

Let me know what you guys think of the cover and the blurb!


(Also, seriously, what age range should I go with if I would call it PG-13? It’s not that bad, but I wouldn’t let a 10-year-old read it. There are mature themes that require a certain level of maturity to comprehend adequately. Anyway, let me know!)



5 thoughts on “{NEW SERIES} Announcing The Brand of Anem!

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  2. Kaitlyn, that cover is stunning! I’m so excited to read this!

    As for the “age range”, I think you could probably put “recommended for ages 14 and up” in the description or something? I mean, it fits right in with current YA, since many books in this category lately have much more mature themes than what you have. I think just trust the reader to have enough sense and hope for the best.

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