Happy Fall, Y’all! (Title Reveal Included)


It’s officially Fall, y’all!

Let it be known throughout all the world and later in the future when (more accurately: if) people look back on this post, that today was the first day South Texas actually felt like Fall.

Seriously. Texas weather went from 90 to 55 like it saw a state trooper! (And yes, I stole that joke from literally every, single, Texan on Facebook right now).

I swear this wasn’t even that hard to find again. All I did was open Facebook and it was the second thing re-posted.

And because the weather was so nice, Chris and I couldn’t resist actually going outside for a change.

We ran a few errands, and I can’t begin to express how incredibly nice it is to not burn your fingers changing gears on your car or to break a bit of a sweat walking one whole minute from one air-conditioned place to another! I hear some people who live far up north say I’m lucky. Well, did your summer last 7-8 months? Because mine did.

Some people think these are jokes. They’re not. Summerer is a real thing in Texas (see also: hell).

Okay, I’ll stop ironically rambling about the weather.


Onto more interesting things! Like, a title reveal…? Yes?


For the last couple of months, I’ve been working on a novella for a completely new series. I went into detail about it in my last blog post. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I recommend starting there!

The genre is dystopian romance, and because I’m Kaitlyn Deann, there are some fantasy elements to it. It’s really light on the fantasy… as well as the romance, because, for the last time (just kidding; I’ll probably say it countless times throughout my lifetime), I DO NOT WRITE ROMANCE. EVER.


Except I do. But I don’t. Yet I do. Except I really don’t.


Ya feel me, bruh?


Shall I explain myself more clearly? I think I shall.

I write soft, realistic romance. I like to write the ups and downs of relationships into my stories because that’s real life, homie. I like to write (and read…hint, hint, fellow authors) the building of a strong relationship through dialogue and actions of consideration and thoughtfulness.

Random Sidenote
I don’t like when people just fall in love after knowing each other 5 seconds. Can we all agree this is really annoying? Liiiiike… YA AIN’T IN LOVE, ASHLEY. YA JUST WANT TO DO ALL THE NASTY THINGS WITH JAMES. SO STOP IT WITH THE ‘L’ WORD (unless the word you’re using is lust, then you’re spot on and you may be dismissed with a warning).

I don’t really like writing kissing scenes all that much (I get bored quickly) and I definitely don’t write sex scenes. I don’t like too much mushy gushy mumbo jumbo crap. Piling on the lovey-dovey stuff is boring and annoying and I just don’t do that, okay?

I like the love to be real. But I like it really censored too, ya know? ‘Kay then. Glad we understand each other better.


What was I talking about, again? Oh, right. You’re probably screaming at me to just tell you the title of the book already.


For starters, the name of the series will be The Chronicles of the Forgotten Countrymen. Eh, eh, eh. *Nudge, nudge* Intriguing, huh? Whoo, I’m excited!

Novella numero uno in this series will be officially titled The Brand of Anem. I hope that, too, is very intriguing for you! I don’t have a summary typed up quite yet, but as soon as I do, I will be posting that thing EVERYWHERE.  😉


One last thing before I end it. I’ve set a personal deadline to complete the first draft of The Brand of Anem for October 27th, 2018. Hopefully, I will finish it before then so I can edit it and get it into your hands sooner! I know for sure I can finish it by the 27th.

My goal for the next blog post is to give details on a release date (OMG WUT) and a summary of Book One in this new dystopian series!

Until then, much love!








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