🔖Interview: Author Maria Schneider (PLUS an awesome sale)

Good morning, you beautiful people, you! Today I have something special for you guys! (I know, I know, last week was something special too! BUT I JUST LOVE HAVING GUESTS OVER, YOU KNOW?!) Maria Schneider will be joining us for a short interview. She has 2 series on sale starting TODAY (December 15th). Link at the bottom of post.
Without further ado….


The Interview

1) Tell us about the beginning of your writing journey. How did it all begin?  
I wrote two plays in high school.  I didn’t consider myself a writer at that time, but I’ve always been a reader.  We needed a play for a competition so I sat down and wrote one.  That’s the way I tell stories.  A little idea, like a dust ball, starts hiding out in my brain.  And then, the story begins!
2) What genre do you write? And for what age group(s)?   My work is generally young adult and general audiences.   I write mysteries — mostly cozies, but have been known to wander into more general mystery telling.  I tend to stray into fantasy and magic with a lot of my work, including Dragons of Wendal and the Moon Shadow series!  Soul of the Desert is the one anomaly.  It is historical women’s fiction.
3) What is the biggest dream for your writing?   To finish the next book and get it published!!!
4) Where do you get the inspiration for your stories? Anything and/or anyone in particular?   Art, nature, other wonderful stories.  Photographs, even people I meet spark ideas.  I like to walk or hike to release my inner muse.
5) What do you like most about writing? And what is the most difficult bit?   Ah, writing and the love affair.  It was so nice during the honeymoon period…those first three books or so when I wasn’t too worried about being published or making money from my work!  The most difficult part is marketing the books, of course.  I would rather do a lot of other things than marketing!  Clean the kitchen, anyone???
6) What do you believe makes a great story?  Great characters.  I’m a very character-driven reader so I tend to write that way as well.

7) Do you write full-time? If not, what else do you do? Would you like to write full-time?  Oh goodness.  I am a woman of many distractions!  I love to garden, read, cook and make shampoos, lotions and soaps.  My soap business is at least as important financially as my writing.  I am not sure about writing full time.  I’d have to make a lot more money at it to write full time.  Any of the arts are very difficult financial careers.  Believe that–and plan for it if you want to write!!!

8) How many novels have you published?  Oh, let’s see.  Sixteen and some short stories.
9) What are you working on at the moment?  It’s a secret!  I’m pondering a new urban fantasy series and a follow on to One Good Eclair (A Nutrition Mafia Mystery).
10) You have a promotion going on currently for The Moon Shadow Series and The Dragons of Wendal Trilogy. Can you tell us a bit about those two series?  
Dragons of Wendal is a fantasy romance involving women who must escape their current circumstances.  They end up in Wendal a land ruled by shifters. Chaos ensues as they pursue their various goals.  :>)
The Moon Shadow series is all about magic and takes place in Santa Fe.  Adriel is an earth witch, her powers tied to Mother Earth.  She is part of a hidden world of magic, but most often works for normal people, concocting spells to help them out.   When a shifter is murdered, one of her spells taints the scene.  She has to help find the killer and learn new spells to survive.
Don’t think! Just answer!
  • Summer or winter?   Spring or Fall.
  • Facebook or Twitter?   Neither!  Blog!
  • Candies or chocolate?   Chocolate (that’s an easy one!)
  • High heels or flats?   Flaaaaats!!!
  • Desktop/typewriter or laptop?   Laptop
  • Windows or Mac?   Linux!!!!


About the Author

Maria saw her first dragon while gardening. She asked the gnome to take pictures, but dragons are shy and very fast. One of the fairies finally snapped a shot, but just as she handed it over, the dragon came by and flamed it to ashes! Neither of us wants to get our fingers burned a second time so, sadly, there will not be pictures any time soon!


The Big Sale

Sale will only last from the 15th to the 18th. Act fast!

The Moon Shadow Series — $2.99 for your Kindle! (Includes books 1-3)

The Dragons of Wendal — $2.99 for your Kindle! (Includes books 1-3)

Maria’s Links

Amazon Page | Facebook | TwitterBlog


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e you guys next time!



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