Where in the world is Kaitlyn?

What? Huh?



Oh. Um. I’m right here.

*shyly raises hand*

I’ve pretty much come to accept that I’m REALLY bad at this blog thing. But I hold out for MAYBE ONE DAY I’LL KICK INTO GEAR AND ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT THE HECK I’M DOING HERE. Until then, you’ll just have to deal with the random blog posts every few months.

I’m sorry. Please don’t hate me!


So, what’s happened to me since June? Well, 5 months happened. (Bad joke, sorry). Honestly, not very much. I passed A&P I and II (yay me!) and I passed my HESI exam (which is the entrance exam I needed for the nursing program I’m looking into). Buuuuut I have to wait until April’s application period for the school I want to go to because I still need to pass the TSI math… And I haven’t done that kind of math since high school…. 5 years ago. So, yeah. I’m having to relearn EVERYTHING. But that’s okay! It gives me time to save up a little more moolah.

(I wish I was Mr. Krabs here… seriously though)


I’m currently 75% through draft one of THE WARLOCK’S AWAKENING. I’ve been having writer’s block for a while (a couple of months, if I’m being honest) and am having difficulty making it over that bump in the road.

speed bump troubles

If I wasn’t working 40+ hours at the hospital, I can PROMISE you that this issue would have been solved already. It’s not an excuse, I know, because there are a lot of writers that work full time and manage to put out a book every year (I seriously applaud you for this accomplishment; that is so hard!). I don’t know about anyone else, but after working a 14-hour shift at the hospital, I just sleep for as much as possible before going right back the next day. I do this for 3 to 4 days straight, and then the first day I’m off, shamefully, I sleep most of the day away. Literally. I don’t wake up until, like, 1 PM or something. And then I’m STILL freaking tired, so I’m a lazy bum the rest of the time. I feel like it takes me 2 days to recover from cramming 40+ hours of work into 3-4 days. IT REALLY REALLY REALLY SUCKS, YOU GUYS. But, alas, I need to find a balance and discipline myself. 


I need some of you to help me with this, though.

Please, please, PLEASE make me write!!

Message me on Facebook or Tweet me or leave comments here! Remind me of my DREAMS. I don’t dream of living to work. I want to simply LIVE (to work, if I have to… if my writing can be considered work). I want to WRITE. These are my dreams. Maybe one day I’ll be able to solely focus on writing, possibly when pigs fly. Until pigs sprout their glorious wings, I have to find this balance. I must be more disciplined.

This is my S.O.S.! So, please help me.


With much appreciation and love,





11 thoughts on “Where in the world is Kaitlyn?

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  2. Reblogged this on Momma Birdy and commented:
    My daughter is the author of The Witches’ Sleep and World of the Beasts. She is currently working on the last book of this trilogy. Cheer her on. Pray for her. As a nurse on a critical care floor it is hard for her to finish this project, but she wants to continue with her dream to write and share her creations with the world. When going to her blog you can check out her bio and find links to the social media sites that you can connect with her on.
    Have a blessed week y’all.
    Momma Birdy

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  3. leprechaun5770

    Since it is November, you could use NaNoWriMo to finish your current WIP. Maybe you could join a local writing group, even if it is only online, to help encourage you and keep you writing. Good luck.

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  4. Since it is November, you could use NaNoWriMo to finish your current WIP. Maybe you could join a local writing group, even if it is only online, to help encourage you and keep you writing. Good luck.

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