New Covers? …Perhaps ;)

I have such exciting news! (I kind of gave it away in the title of this post, huh?)


New covers for THE WITCHES’ SLEEP and WORLD OF THE BEASTS are being finalized RIGHT NOW as we speak!!! AHHHH, I am so so so SO excited about this! They look incredible, y’all! INCREDIBLE.

Anna Rose is designing the covers, and she is amazingly talented, friendly to work with, sees what you are imagining and makes it happen. ♥

I will be revealing these AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL new covers on December 12th for the first time! But…. (yes there is a but; don’t roll your eyes!)

But… It will only be revealed to my Awesome Newsletter Family. You can join our family too, if you’d like to get awesome emails from me! 😉 Click this link: 


I won’t be posting the covers on social media or on my website until the end of the month, so if you aren’t apart of my Awesome Newsletter Family, sadly you won’t get to see these awesome covers until much later. 😥

I am way too excited about sharing my rebranding with you! So, since I’m a sucker for hints and sneak peeks ( 😉 ) here is a sneak peek at the new cover for THE WITCHES’ SLEEP.


I know, I know! It’s not much! But that’s the point of a sneak peek, right? 😉 I covered it with heart stickers and then put a black & white filter over it to keep even more information from you guys. I can be such a mean author! 😉

Join my Newsletter Family for the holidays this year! Sign up here: 


supernatural i cant even

Until next time,


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