Hey everyone!


So I’m going to cut to the chase here: I’m considering (well, more than considering; I’m already working on it) releasing new covers for THE WITCHES’ SLEEP and WORLD OF THE BEASTS. These will go along with the cover for the final book in the trilogy, THE WARLOCK’S AWAKENING.

Do you guys HATE this idea? Let me know!


Also, for my other self-published writer friends, if I change the covers, will it be considered a “second edition” even though the interior hasn’t changed at all?


Looking forward to your feedback!


9 thoughts on “Changes?

  1. If you’re putting up new covers, I say bring it on! As far as editions, it’s really up to you. I did put my redesigns down as new editions, but the stories had also been drastically revamped. I did know one author who had three or four different covers for one book and it drove me absolutely nuts (despite loving her) because I had no idea which was the newest version. In that case, edition numbers would have been very helpful, but if you’re just doing it once, I say do what you want.

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    1. Elisabeth! I know exactly what you mean! I hate changing things over and over. But this would be a once only thing for this trilogy. I know you know how much it means for the covers to “match”, and therefore, despite not wanting to change the covers, I think revamping my book’s covers will help them. They need to match my last book’s cover. I tried to create a cover that would match the first two, but I’m just not feeling it.


    1. Thanks, Tia! ❤ One day I would like to update the interior of THE WITCHES' SLEEP, but I would like my covers to all "match", so that would mean changing the cover of THE WITCHES' SLEEP before changing the interior. I hate changing things so many times, but this feels like a necessary evil. Lol.

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