The Warlock’s Awakening: Summary

Welcome back to my blog! Last week I did something different and fun, but this week I’m going to give you guys something I think you’ll like a lot more… For one, it’s short and sweet. For two, it has to do with the third book in The Witches’ Sleep Trilogy!


So what am I posting about, then? The not-so-final* back-of-book summary of THE WARLOCK’S AWAKENING.

*emphasis on the not-so-final part


Tell me what you guys think! Does this make you want to read it even more? If you see any errors, please don’t hesitate to point them out! I encourage criticism! (Just not unnecessary criticism, and you all know what I mean by that: thoseΒ mean, ugly trolls).



It’s been sixteen years since the war began. Victory, son of Sunlight and Kindness, is different from his fellow witch counterparts. With no end to the war in sight, it is determined that the time of a Warlock is needed, and young Victory has been chosen as the next Warlock of his time. But, with every Warlock, a sacrifice is required…
Along with his friends and family, Victory will face many unsettling trials. Torn between his destiny as the Warlock, the ultimate savior of the universe, and saving those he loves, Victory must make a choice. Will Victory succeed in his quests? Or will he lose those he loves the most?

Thanks for checking in this week! See y’all next Friday!

Love you guys so much!


14 thoughts on “The Warlock’s Awakening: Summary

  1. Counterparts…maybe you could just say that he is set apart or like no other. Otherwise, love the summary. I didn’t notice the counterparts at first, but I re-read after Jayci’s comment and I can see what she is saying. It has to do with the flow.

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  2. Like the summary blog you posted! Lol on the memes!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But I think it may sound better with a different word for counterparts. Counterparts makes me think of like a robot for some reason. It kind of popped out but not in a good way😊❀️ Love you!

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