Infinity Dreams Award


I was tagged by Alyssa at!

Eleven Facts About Myself:
1) I published my first novel at age 17.
2) I published my second novel at age 19.
3) I just turned 21.
4) I’m a Christian.
5) I have the best boyfriend in history (actual fact; not biased *wink*)
6) I’ll be get my braces removed in just one month! (FINALLY)
7) I’m currently a third of the way through my third novel.
8) I have blue eyes.
9) Stephenie Meyer is the first author that got me interested in YA fiction at only 13 years old.
10) Suzanne Collins was my inspiration for my first novel, THE WITCHES’ SLEEP.
11) I still haven’t read any of J. K. Rowling’s books (but I have them all, and I really want to).

Questions From Alyssa:
1) What is your favorite book?
This is such a difficult question. Hmm, I would probably have to say THE HOST by Stephenie Meyer simply because I’ve read it twice and I still, every now and then, go back to re-read my favorite parts.

2) Do you like snow or rain better? Why?
Snow, because I never see any! (I live in South Texas where our winters are never below 50 degrees in the day, lowest is 40 at night).

3) What’s your favorite thing about reading?
I love getting lost in a writer’s world. It’s almost like getting in their head and seeing their dreams. I love to look at it like that. Also, I love getting away from reality, forgetting about life’s problems and taking up a “new identity” as the main character.

4) When you read, do you use a bookmark? (Sorry for all the reading questions!)
Haha, yes I use a bookmark! Ugh, I can’t STAND when people dog-ear book pages. It makes me want to cry.

5) What is your favorite board game?
Let’s just skip this because I may or may not prefer child games. *Internally screaming Candy Cane Land*

6) If you could ride any animal (pretending that it was the proper size, not a viscous, blood thirsty creature, etc.), what would it be?

7) How do you feel about bananas?
I love bananas!

8) What is your favorite state (assuming you’re all Americanos, and ignoring your home state)?
IGNORING TEXAS?! Now you’re just being ridiculous. I can’t even answer this question because there is no right answer except for Texas.

9) Least favorite letter?
X. There are so few words that actually start with an X. At least the ones I know.

10) What birthday has been your favorite so far?
My 21st was pretty awesome. I went out to lunch with my mom, brother, and boyfriend, and then we took a nap at my house. Then, we ate dinner that my mom made for me and just sat at home with my family and watched Hotel Transylvania 2… with candy (that’s special; we never eat junk at the house). Not even joking. That’s all we did. It was great.

11) And lastly, which question has been your favorite?
That banana one was great.

Tag 11 Bloggers:
1) Elisabeth Wheatley
2) Lena Tesla
3) Tialla Rising
4) Jayci Paige
5) Momma Birdy
6) Devyn
7) C. B. Cook
8) Trish Marie Dawson
9) Stephanie
10) ….
11) I don’t have a lot of friends


  • Guidelines for Tagged Bloggers:
    – Use the Infinity Dreams Award picture
    – Thank the blogger who tagged you (that’s me, Kaitlyn Deann!)
    – Tell us 11 facts about yourself
    – Answer the 11 questions (below)
    – Tag 11 bloggers

The Questions YOU Answer:
1) What’s your favorite quote?
2) What’s your least favorite holiday?
3) How many books in a year do you normally read?
4) Do you have a pet(s)? Tell us about it/them.
5) What’s the meaning behind your name?
6) If you could live in any book’s world, where would you live?
7) What book has inspired you the most in your writing?
8) What do you prefer to do on a hot summer day?
9) Stargazing or netflixing with someone you love to be around?
10) Do you watch TV? If yes, what’s your favorite show?
11) And lastly… What’s your life motto?


Thanks for tuning in! Come back next Friday for a VERY SPECIAL blog post! (It may or may not have to do with The Warlock’s Awakening!)

Also, the giveaway is still live! Go enter it now for a chance to win a signed copy of THE WITCHES’ SLEEP from me! ❤

Love you bunches!


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