Hey everyone! So, first off, school is almost over! I can see the light at the end of this LONG, DARK, TREACHEROUS (yes, treacherous) tunnel. Just 7 more weeks before graduation day!


In other news, WORLD OF THE BEASTS has received a wonderful 4-star review from a Readers’ Favorite reviewer, Janelle Fila! In 2013, my debut novel won the Gold Medal in a Readers’ Favorite category as well as received a 5-star review.  I’m so excited to share this review with you guys. Hopefully, I’ll be entering WORLD OF THE BEASTS in Readers’ Favorite’s 2016 Awards Contest! But we shall see… 😉

“World of the Beasts by Kaitlyn Deann is a young adult science fiction sequel to the first book in this series, The Witches’ Sleep. Sea-Anna and Tuck are two were-tiger slaves that have been enslaved unto witches for the past twenty years. When they get sold without their master’s knowledge, the married couple is separated. Now on her own, Sea-Anna must overcome the struggles of slave life, including the difficult and stressful situations she is put into. Sea-Anna promises herself that she will stay strong to protect her secrets until the time she sees Tuck again. But what if the two are never reunited? This is a complicated science fiction world that takes us deep into the author’s vivid and bright imagination. Each planet that the characters visit is unique and has its own type of inhabitants. There are many different species within this story. There are unique names and spellings, new rules, beautiful new landscapes, climates and temperatures. Everything is fresh and original and none of the descriptions seemed canned or repeated. Just the amount of work that went into building these worlds should impress any science fiction reader. Readers will also appreciate the unique array of characters. I loved the interesting name choices. Sea-Anna grows into a wise and strong character that readers will relate to. Tuck stresses a great deal about his separation from Sea-Anna and their love is adequately described without seeming too overpowering.” ~ Reviewed By Janelle Fila for Readers’ Favorite

If you haven’t read it yet, please do and let me know what you thought about it by leaving a review on Amazon. And yes, it is available for the Kindle AND in paperback.


*click here to buy the book on Amazon*

I love you, guys. Talk soon!


From 2013’s Award Ceremony!

Miami AwardsIMG_6981IMG_6924gold medal

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