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Hi everyone and welcome to EuphorYA! I’m so honored and excited to be a part of this event. I write both Contemporary and Fantasy romance, but my fantasy series truly holds a special place in my heart, so I love getting to talk about it. If you aren’t familar with my Souls of the Stones series, this page of my website is a great place to start. It’s got maps, family trees, and pretty pictures =) You can even download some of those pictures as Desktop backgrounds –


Have you ever read a series, and wanted to know what happened after THE END. I know I have. After all, most books don’t end with the world ceasing to exist, and the characters tend to go on in our minds. That’s sort of what is happening with my Souls of the Stones series. Originally, I intended it to only be a trilogy. That was it, I was done, I had told all I needed to of Riya’s story. But before I was even done writing the third book in the trilogy, another character started talking quite loudly in my ear, taunting me with the thought that there was more to tell.

So if you’ve been hanging around my facebook page you know what I’m getting at here. There’s going to be more Souls of the Stones, this time featuring Chari as a main character. It won’t be the same plot arc that tied the trilogy together, because Riya wrapped that up quite nicely. But some questions that were left open–would Torian’s visions ever come true?–and some old friends and some new ones will definitely make appearances. And no worries, Riya will be around quite a bit, and will probably even have a few POV chapters. She always has lots to say to us.

In the spirit of “what happened after THE END,” I decided to write more of the end of Broken Stone, as a free little gift to my readers. I’ve had people tell me that even though they know what happened after because of the epilogue, they wanted more, and hopefully this helps fill that craving. But please, if you haven’t read Broken Stone yet, don’t read this until you have. It’s the end, after all, so would be one giant spoiler. It would be like watching the last 2 minutes of a movie, and never seeing everything that came before. ** Bittersweet Victory **

Before you run off to read, don’t neglect to check out the rest of the EuphorYA schedule and then enter the grand prize drawing beneath it. As a bonus prize, I’m going to pick at least one person who comments on this post to win some bookmarks. (Make sure your comment/profile has some way for me to contact you.)

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