EuphorYA is Coming Up!

Hey everyone! So on Friday, the 20th, something is going to begin…

It’s called EuphorYA! This event consists of several wonderful, talented authors who have come together and organized a Scavenger Hunt (YES, I SAID SCAVENDER HUNT; EXCITED YET?!) and prizes after prizes after prizes. There will be a Grand Prize in which every author has contributed something special to the pot. On top of that, each blog post from each author will have its own giveaway! Books and book swag and special content and awesome stuff! What more could you ask for?

EuphorYA banner full size

EuphorYA will be going on the 20th, 21st, and 22nd. Each day 5 – 6 blogs from different authors will be posted. Mind you, not on their OWN blog, but on one of the other author’s blogs.

I will be hosting the incredible Kelly Walker! Her post will go live on the 22nd.

Chloe Jacobs will be hosting my post (it goes live on the 20th), where special never-before-released content from WORLD OF THE BEASTS will be available to be read! I will definitely be tweeting about it, Facebooking it, and probably sending out a newsletter to remind people about it.

You really, really, REALLY don’t want to miss this event. Join the Facebook event because we all want to see your beautiful faces over there! Do eeeet, man. (

And just because I’m super excited right now, I think I will share with you a short part from Chapter Two of WORLD OF THE BEASTS just for you, because I love you (and I want you to join the Facebook event *nudge, nudge*).

Enjoy, my lovelies!

“The limo will be here any minute,” Songs says, clapping her hands as if that’ll make us hurry. I look down at my silky hairless legs. I just finished shaving them.

Tuck walks in as I’m putting Sunny’s razor away. He freezes and stares at me, confused.

I turn red. “Songs wanted it.”

He looks out the door, but Songs isn’t in earshot. When he looks back at me, I’m not sure what I see on his face. I can’t tell if he approves or disapproves of this. “Why?” he questions.

I shrug.

He looks at my legs, at how they shine silkily in the light. “It’s kind of weird,” he says. I blush more. He sees this and quickly takes my hands in his. “I’m just worried,” he whispers to me. “The more Sunny and Songs try to make us like them, the more trouble we have with Wise. He hates us, and this will make it much worse.”

I take my hands away from him. “I’m obligated to do as they say, Tuck.”

He nods. “As am I.”

I hope everyone has a blessed week! Keep an eye out for the EuphorYA event to start! DON’T FORGET, or else you will miss out on AMAZING prizes and awesome posts.

Peace out, y’all.



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