Creative Writing: The great balancing act of crafting fiction

“Repeat words or structures too often, and your writing will sound stilted. I can say that, personally, after having an interesting and cohesive story, there are few things that I need more to invest in a novel than a basic variety of vocabulary and sentence structure. Otherwise I feel like I’m reading a child’s writing. It’s just TOO basic. TOO simple.”

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

scales-art-1046106-m I have been thinking a lot about balance in fiction: about how often good writing boils down to keeping between two extremes, or simply not saying something too emphatically or too often.

On that note, I’d like to write today about balance, and some of the different things we writers are always trying to balance. There’s a LOT of balancing going on…. and that’s perfectly normal.

As writers, we can feel disconcerted or doubtful when we stop to consider how many things we’re actually juggling at the same time. But it’s nothing to freak out over or to cause us to lose confidence.

This epic act of balancing is why writers do multiple editing passes. We can always read through and get one aspect of balancing right before we concentrate on others. This can prevent us feeling overwhelmed and help us achieve, in the end, as close to the…

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