Why Walk Away From Your Writing?

Ron really hits the nail on the head with this post. Go check it out, writers! Also, have a great April Fools Day!

Painting With Light

Finding My Muse in Montego Bay

Sometimes the only way you can make progress as a writer is to walk away from it.

Like many authors, I’ve joked about tying myself to my office chair in order to finish a story. After all, like my dear father tried to drum into my head while I was growing up, perseverance is essential to the completion of any project. Isn’t it?

Well … yes.

However, sometimes the determination to never leave your chair can hinder your progress.

The reason for that conundrum lies in how ideas come about.

When you’re stuck in the middle of a manuscript, looking for inspiration, remember the two essential elements for receiving a “light bulb” moment.

1. You Need to Have Done the Work
Your mind needs to have been immersed in the subject, so all the relevant details are already spinning around in your head, and;

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