Story Visuals: Tuck…?

Story Visuals: Tuck...?

I found this on, and the first thing I thought was, “TUCK! IT’S TUCK WHILE HE’S ON APHALIE (world of the beasts)!” I got so excited about it. So, I thought I would share my excitement with you guys! The hair is a smidge too long and the eyes are odd in this picture, but OH WELL! This is the closest picture I have ever found to Tuck! YOU BETTER ENJOY.


6 thoughts on “Story Visuals: Tuck…?

  1. Hannah G.

    *gasp* Oh my gosh, it’s amazing!! That is so cool!!!!!

    Doesn’t he also have black streaks in his hair, too? And I agree that the eyes are a little creepy!


    1. kaitlyndeann

      Yes, Hannah! Thank you for pointing that out! Tuck does in fact have skinny black streaks in his hair. Sadly, that’s far too much to ask of a random picture. 😛


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