Book Review: Victor: The Reloaded Edition by Tony Ross

It’s another review, y’all!

Mona’s revolutionary discovery has been twisted by her former employer, who now threatens to unleash Hell on Earth. She flees with critical information in a desperate bid to stop him. Her only ally is an unusual detective pulled into a situation far beyond his ability to handle. Her only hope lies in unlocking the mind of the assassin pursuing her.  Morality, science and the supernatural collide in this explosive thriller from Tony Ross.

What I loved the most about Tony Ross’ novel VICTOR was how he got into the heads of each character, good and bad, and could well depict what made that character stand out from the rest. It’s a violent book at parts, but not too gory. There’s a hint of romance, but not too much that you’re bored with the book (oh, that just happens to me? ‘Kay then).

The plot was great! There weren’t any boring parts (I despise boring scenes), and the intensity that Ross depicted throughout the book was wonderful and exciting. Sunlight City, where ALMOST everything is legal, is so well described that it could be real. I could see it, I could smell it, I could feel it. Beautiful job on Ross’ part.

Victor is an assassin who I suspected in the beginning of the book had his memories tampered with when he couldn’t remember some connection he had with Mona. Because it was obvious that him and Mona had a connection of sorts, or at least did until he could no longer recall. He’s trained in many martial arts, knows how to kill with every weapon known to man, and has enough knowledge for several college degrees. The reader is left with questions: How does Victor know so much? I assumed his memories (or maybe feelings) had been tampered with, but does that mean he could be GIVEN new memories or skills? Those were my first questions about Victor.

Mona is smart. Really smart. And now Josef Hirigawa, a Granter and the most powerful man in Sunlight City, wants her dead. Why? She made a breakthrough in her work and kept it from him. It was something that could change the world forever. Something Mona believed could destroy the world, destroy the soul. I applauded her gall from the beginning of the book when I didn’t even know what she was hiding to run away from the most powerful man in her world. She had to try even if she knew she wouldn’t get far. It’s the point that she chose to try to do the right thing.

David is a detective with a witty personality and sly smile. I found his take on life different than the others in Sunlight City, which was beautiful to me, being a Christian in the world he was living. I can’t imagine how hard it would have been for David to follow God and be surrounded by a city like Sunlight City. I noticed David was an extremist. At one time in his life he would’ve been considered a serial killer. He left that all behind and changed his life. But, when it came time to need to do something to save his life and Mona’s, all he could think was, “I’m going to have to kill again.” And he didn’t want to. Admirable. But, that definitely would not have been crossing my mind. Maybe it was the way I was raised. I don’t know, but I do know that if I was against a well-trained assassin and had ANY opportunity to absolutely KILL THEM before they could hurt me or someone I loved, they would be dead. I would take the shot. I wouldn’t go crazy and chop them up into pieces, but I would make sure my loved one and myself were safe. There would be no hesitation on my part. There was on David’s. It made me start talking to him (you know you do that, too). “Just kill him, David!” I said. “Kill him or he’s going to kill you! YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE YOUR MOMENT!”

Honestly, I think if a book can make me talk to it, the author did a marvelous job.

Well-written and enticing. Most definitely a page turner.

Five out of five stars for this Christian thriller! ★★★★★

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For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul? ~Mark 8:36

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