Trip to Miami

Hey everyone! I’ve been back from Miami for a few days now, but thanks to Thanksgiving and having my wisdom teeth removed, I haven’t taken the time to just sit down and write–anything.

But, here I am now, happy to be back and telling you about my awesome experience in Miami!

My first impression of Miami was noise. Some of you who may be used to shouting and honking probably wouldn’t have noticed, but for someone like me… Well, I’m not used to noisy places.

But, then I met all the wonderful, nice people at Readers’ Favorite’s Meet and Greets. Some of them I got to know pretty well! Below are pictures from the trip. Some are of me with some other awesome people, and some aren’t.

Miami Awards

This is the lovely Debra Gaynor! Readers’ Favorite is actually her baby! She started it several years ago, reading all the books herself. When her baby grew to be so big that thousands of books were being entered, she had to bring in others, because it’s just simply too much to read thousands of books a year–impossible, really. I loved getting to chat with Debra! (And I was guiltily pleased to see she was a few inches shorter than my 5 foot self!)


Readers’ Favorite’s President James Ventrillo.


This beautiful woman is Sheri Fink, #1 best-selling children’s book author & international speaker!


Meet Marcie May, author of The Adventures of Penny and Tubs! She’s one of the sweetest ladies you’ll ever meet!


This is Bonnie Sinor! She’s a Christian author, and she was so sweet to me! She couldn’t stop talking about her beautiful granddaughter!


Ronald L. Herron, author of Tinker and Zebulon!


Sophie Dawson, Christian author!


Now, this guy was inspiring! Frantz Michel, author of CAN GOD SAVE HAITI? He also serves in the US Air Force. ❤


This is the awesome Michael Dadich, author of THE SILVER SPHERE. He’s been extremely encouraging!


Manny Pacheco! He sat down because he felt he was too tall to take a picture with little ole’ 5-foot me. Haha!


Tony Ross, author of Victor and Orion!


Landon Parham, author of FIRST NIGHT OF SUMMER!


C. Kevin Thompson, author of 30 DAYS HATH REVENGE!


Sondra Torres, author of “Signing with a Heavy Hand and Heart, Love Mommy”

And below are some extra pictures:

IMG_6934 IMG_6922 IMG_6924

Miami Meet & GreetMiami meet and greetrandom Miami

Overall, I had a marvelous time in Miami, and the advice I have received will not go to waste! Huge thank you to everyone who has supported me through my writing journey and continue to support me!

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