It’s a Sad Story, Really.

During my vacation time (which was two weeks long) I didn’t get on my computer once, even though I had it with me just in case I needed to write. (Yes, needed.) A week after we got back from vacation, I still hadn’t gotten on my computer. Why? Because I was editing a hardcopy of World of the Beasts. (I edit more in less time when I read it on an actual page.) I came to Chapter 33 and realized that part of the story was missing something. I knew exactly what it needed, but it would take up a whole chapter in itself; it would become the new Chapter 33.

So, I sat down to my computer, all hyped up about writing this new wonderful, awesome, exciting chapter (because it’s a decent chapter). I double click my Microsoft Word Document icon, ready to give my fingers a workout. It opens with no hesitation and no apparent problems.

Then, IT happens.

My Microsoft Word starts lagging so badly that it take three times as much time to do something I could quickly do before. The cruiser would start flashing from the normal white arrow to the blue loading circle about 50 gazillion times a second. I exited out and checked out other programs on my computer to see if it might be a problem with the whole computer or maybe just that one program.

It was just that one program.

Which is funny (though not really) because 96.78983% of the time I use my computer, I use Microsoft Word.

I showed it to my mom and to my dad, and they gave their input… Nothing worked. I called one of my best friends who is so computer savvy for his age that it baffles me (or maybe I’m just simply that useless when it comes to technology… But I’m pretty sure that’s not it, right?). He walked me through several different steps to try figuring out what was wrong and ways to fix it.

Still, nada.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I’ve wanted to write this chapter for three days now and haven’t typed a single word. Instead, I’m here writing a blog post.

I guess I could stop being so stubborn and use my parents’ computer, like they offered.

Yeah, I think I’ll go do that now. Hopefully we’ll get it fixed on my computer, because otherwise I consider my computer worthless if I can’t use Microsoft Word.

You may continue in your normal life now. Thank you, darlings, for putting up with me as I vent my frustrations. Have a lovely day!

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