Confessions: Originally in The Witches’ Sleep

So, here’s the thing… Now, listen up. When I say this, you CANNOT throw large objects at my head in an attempt to harm me.

Originally, in The Witches’ Sleep, first installment in The Witches’ Sleep Trilogy, Kindness in His Heart and Sea-Anna….

didn’t exist.

Hear me out, okay?! When I first was planning the plot of TWS, I first created the main character, Sunny. The second character was Tuck. Of course. And he was charming. And he was hot. And he was everything I needed.

I thought.

About a fourth of the way through the first draft I realized Sunny needed something that tied her to her human life. At first Daedrian was going to be her brother, but with the encouragement on my father (thank you, Daddy; love ya) I wrote him in as the boyfriend that she could never have again. Problem was, after I made his character and got to know him through Sunny, I fell for him too!

For real, I was like, “WHAT DO I DO NOW?! HE’S STUCK ON EARTH!”

And then, Kindness in His Heart was born so Daedrian and Ella could be together again. Sadly, this left Tuck all alone. And I was like, “Uh-uh, I can’t do that to my baby.” Then, my dearest Sea-Anna was created.

The story would’ve taken a completely different route if I didn’t have that little voice in my head telling me to create Daedrian and then Sea-Anna. I’m extremely pleased with how the story ended up compared to the first draft. It was a difficult planning process; I had to let go of a lot of ideas. But it was necessary, and it gave me more beautiful ideas.

That is all for today’s confessions! Tell me what you think in the comments! Did I make a good decision, in your opinion, by creating Kindness and Sea-Anna?

Have a great week, everyone!

8 thoughts on “Confessions: Originally in The Witches’ Sleep

  1. Wait, so Tuck existed, but not Sea-Anna and Daedrian? Wow. You really take the whole revisions thing seriously, don’t you? =) I am so glad you decided to add them as they are both wonderful, wonderful characters!

    But I can’t help but wonder…was there any romance in the earlier draft at all? I’m just curious. =)


    1. kaitlyndeann

      Hahaha, well, you see, in the very, very first draft, Tuck was in love with her, but Sunny didn’t care too much for him romantically. She felt like something was missing in her life (maybe it was Kindness), and she couldn’t see herself with him. There wasn’t going to be a love story in it at all. Just unrequited love. In the final draft of The Witches’ Sleep, Sea-Anna mentions that she thinks Tuck loves Sunny. In truth, that stems from the first draft idea, but becomes a figment of Sea-Anna’s imagination in the final draft.


      1. *horrified gasp* No romance? Oh, what, what, what were you thinking? 😉 Actually, I think romance can become overrated pretty easily, but I am very glad TWS turned out the way it did (and I am still a sucker for mushiness). =D


  2. I definitely think you made a good decision. As much as love triangles and forbidden loves are treasured, adding Kindness and Sea-Anna really made the story greater. I absolutely love them and glad they both came to be!


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