Book Review: Holding the Future Hostage by Tialla Rising

“Holding the Future Hostage: The Legacy of the Ruby Vial” by Tialla Rising was a fascinating read. It took me awhile to finish it simply because it was so long, but there weren’t many boring parts at all! Every chapter ended on a cliff hanger, making you want to read more and find out what is going on!

Virginia, the Guardian of the Ruby Vial, has a bone-deep feeling that she must keep the Ruby Vial safe, away from anyone and everyone that threatens it. Later on she realizes the reason: Because the Ruby Vial has the ability to destroy the Universe.

While reading this book, I must admit, I was SO jealous I hadn’t thought of it! Like, for real. I was like, “I love this idea! It’s so original!” Two thumbs up to you, Tialla! You have such a creative imagination!

My favorite character was probably Virginia herself (main character). She was easy for me to relate to, but at the same time, she’s not very much like me. My conclusion? We get along fairly well. I also loved Shawn, the gangster that’s after the Ruby Vial for greedy reasons.


Me: “Read it!” *Throws book at your face*

There were two things about this book though that made it hard to me to want to keep going at times. While the constant danger and thrill of the novel was spot on (A. K. A. no boring parts, which is a job WELL done), I can’t help feeling that the book slightly too long. I think if it was broken into three different books, it would’ve been easier to read, only because it was so thrilling. Also, during some dangerous/serious parts the characters “chuckled” or “giggled” or “smirked.” While there’s nothing wrong with using these words at all, it’s the unrealistic aspect of when they are used that made it harder to relate to the situation.

But all in all, it was an awesome novel! The characters were very well developed and the ending was absolutely enchanting! I fell in love with each character, shared their experiences, felt like I was a part of them! That is the sign of a book well written! I look forward to Tialla’s next book, whatever it may be!

6 thoughts on “Book Review: Holding the Future Hostage by Tialla Rising

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      1. Haha I have the plot and I’m SUPER excited about it. I just need to graduate first so I actually have time to start writing. 😉 Less than a week, and I’ll be done with school! I can’t wait to start writing again. By the way, I’m SO happy that you liked Shawn!!! I spent more time on his character than any other, and he is my absolute favorite. Most people don’t like him very much, which makes me sad. So I’m glad you do! I think most people just don’t understand his character…or catch the deeper conflicts going on within…so they just think of him as this crazy bad guy. Sad day. haha So glad you liked it!



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