Book Review: Fanged Princess by Elisabeth Wheatley

I love how this enticing novella jumps right into the story with no hesitation. Personally, I prefer books like this, with beginnings that hook you so well and drag you in, willing or not. For me, if an author spends too much time “setting the story” with boring parts and dialogue and monologue and description and blah, blah, blah, I’m already disengaged from the story, and I put it down. This definitely was not the case with Fanged Princess. I read the whole thing in one sitting.

Elisabeth Wheatley did a fabulous job with character development as well as style and theme. The main character, Hadassah “Haddie” Chadwick, is a rebellious nineteen-year-old vampire who loves her baby brother, Damian, more than she loves anyone else. When her brother makes the same mistake as Hadassah had a year prior by falling in love with a human, Hadassah swears to Damian that she’ll help protect the human girl, Madelyn, from the Vampire King—their father.

I honestly enjoy Haddie’s personality, and I think it’s perhaps because I can resemble part of her. But, I have to say, not to that extreme. So, maybe I’m only a little like her. Maybe.

Enemies became friends, and family became the enemy—absolutely fascinating, and told in such a smooth, flawless style! The language this book is written in is so beautiful and precise. Well written, awesome characters, and a fresh look at love.

At one part in the story, I literally shed two tears. Yes, I did count, because I hardly ever cry. Wheatley is absolutely great at capturing emotions in her stories, and her descriptions are spot on. I can’t wait until the second installment of Fanged Princess comes out!

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