New-Found Passion

In January, I was asked to do a writer’s workshop at a local school. Of course, I agreed readily, but I was nervous because I’ve never really done public speaking before. I wasn’t that nervous, but I guess the butterflies that fluttered around in my stomach the night before and the morning of didn’t help ease my tension much.

Once I got started, once I took that first step, I was fine. I wasn’t nervous anymore. It was a two-day workshop, and I wasn’t nervous the next day either. It was that first moment, when I didn’t know if I’d be good at public speaking or not that worried me. But I guess that my tension completely disappeared when the feedback I received was positive. I got some laughs at my lame jokes (success), attention focused on me (success), I didn’t see anyone whispering to each other (success and very respectful). And I actually enjoyed doing this.

I know. I was shocked too. I never really thought I could be a public speaker. It’s always frightened me. But it turns out I have a new-found passion for it! Which is really, really good. My dad has always told me that a person who can speak is a person who will go far.

I’m looking forward to my future.

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