Christmas Present to the Fans


I decided I wanted to do something special for Christmas! I want to give my faithful supporters a gift! Well, a few, perhaps. I will tell you ONE THING I will be giving you, my lovely reader, on Christmas day.

Drum roll please!

I will be revealing the cover of World of the Beasts, the second book in The Witches’ Sleep Trilogy! *EEP*! I’m so excited! I can’t wait for you guys to see it! I’ve fallen IN LOVE with it!

Here’s a sneak peek at the cover!

The other I’m keeping a secret. I’m starting the giveaway for the Surprise Christmas Package at midnight tonight (the 6th) and ending it on the 18th, where I will then ship it immediately to the winner as their Christmas present, from the bottom of my heart! I’ll tell everyone what was in the package on Christmas day, when I reveal the cover of World of the Beasts!

Stay tuned, lovelies, and have a very, very Merry Christmas!

Enter the giveaway on my Facebook page. Click here. If that doesn’t work, here’s the URL for you to copy and paste!Β

11 thoughts on “Christmas Present to the Fans

  1. Matthew

    If I were too say Sunlight Reflecting off the Moon I would look like a suck up! And id look like I was trying to hard! πŸ˜› which in actuality I am! Haha! Anyway shes ddfinetly up there on fictional girlfriends! Hey! She beats Annabeth from Percy Jackson! Now that’s a huge feat!


  2. Matthew Garland

    I don’t always fall in love with fictional characters, but when I do, it’s Sunlight Reflecting off the Moon…jk! it would have to be Johanna Mason! πŸ˜‰ dont judge me! i like her craziness!


  3. “I don’t always fall in love with fictional characters, but when I do, it’s James from The Morcyth Saga.”

    This was such a difficult one to fill in since I love so many of them, lol. But James is the character I could see myself marrying and living happily with him for the rest of my life. Too bad he’s fictional πŸ˜›


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